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1 the condition of being suitable; "they had to prove their fitness for the position" [syn: fittingness] [ant: unfitness]
2 good physical condition; being in shape or in condition [syn: physical fitness, good shape, good condition] [ant: unfitness]
3 fitness to traverse the seas [syn: seaworthiness]
4 the quality of being qualified

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  1. the cultivation of an attractive and healthy physique
  2. the ability to perform a function




cultivation of an attractive and healthy physique
ablity to perform

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Fitness may mean: The state of being physically active on a regular basis to maintain good physical condition.
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Hygeia, ability, ableness, acceptability, account, adequacy, admissibility, advantage, advantageousness, advisability, applicability, appositeness, appropriateness, aptitude, aptness, auspiciousness, becomingness, beneficialness, bloom, caliber, capability, capableness, capacity, chargedness, civility, competence, competency, condition, convenience, correctitude, correctness, criticality, crucialness, decencies, decency, decorousness, decorum, desirability, efficacy, efficiency, eligibility, eligible, emotional health, expedience, expediency, facility, faculty, favorableness, feasibility, felicitousness, felicity, fettle, fine fettle, fittedness, fittingness, flair, flush, fruitfulness, genius, genteelness, gentility, glow, good shape, goodness, happiness, harmony, health, healthiness, kilter, loadedness, mastery, maturity, meetness, mental health, niceness, normality, normativeness, opportuneness, order, percentage, pertinence, physical condition, physical fitness, politicness, pregnancy, preparedness, proficiency, profit, profitability, properness, propitiousness, proprieties, propriety, prudence, qualification, readiness, relevance, repair, righteousness, rightness, ripeness, rosiness, salubriousness, salubrity, seasonableness, seasoning, seemliness, service, serviceability, shape, sufficiency, suitability, suitableness, suitedness, susceptibility, talent, tempering, the goods, the stuff, timeliness, tone, trim, urbanity, use, usefulness, utility, vigor, well-being, what it takes, wholesomeness, wisdom, worthiness, worthwhileness
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